Our Story


I created this blog to serve people like i am, passionate and thriving to learn more about how to grow and protect their garden. I had been involved in gardening for a very long time. I had this passions since I was 9 years old and my parents would always encourage this passions.

Someone along the way I believed i can study about biology to learn more about plants and the species, yet i found that it made me loose my clear focus on gardening and it all became very theoretical so i decided to quit school and become a professional gardener!

I grow a wonderful and large garden as well as provide services to customers, friends and family members to take care of their gardens and even landscaping. My customers are encouraged to read this blog in order to maintain their garden as well I decided to share my knowledge over the years to others out there that share this passion and to educate and exchange ideas!

I find holding on to knowledge without putting it out there in this world is selfish and the look i see on people’s eyes when their garden is finished and looking beautiful is worthless!

I encourage you to read my blog articles and share it with all your friends and family and see what a difference this makes to them and everyone around you. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do!