Flowers that can blossom in your garden even in odds

I understand that gardening is not a simple job that can be achieved very simply. It may look that only passion, interest and hard work can drive the entire gardening process. Well, it is not true in every sense. There are many things that keep knocking the door while gardening and we must take care of it. The amount of Sunshine, Water, Insects, weather and many of the things impact the gardening process.

But does it mean, there is nothing that you could plant that can thrive at all conditions?

Mother Nature is kind to all and that is there are many flowers that can actually thrive and grow at any circumstances. Here are few such flowers that can grow in your irrespective of other factors.


Day Lily

The beautiful flower which does not only attract the eyes but also make your garden look beautiful is one such flower that can grow in your garden without asking for too much attention. The flower can actually thrive against insects, draughts and severe weather and others and grow. Just a little care of Day Lily can make your garden blossom. They are available for early, late and in the middle of season.



It is very beautiful flower which is also called as the Butterfly Bush. The beautiful color, nectar rich characteristics and fragrances are the key attractions. If you want a flower that stays all along the summer and does not make you work much harder as well, then it is the best choice for you. These are found in different sizes and colors. The most popular colors of Buddleia are Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink and Lavender. They look awesome in the flower borders.



These are the perfect ground covers that you can find for your garden. The heights of the plants are not more than 10-12 inches. But the colorful foliage of the leaves of the plant just enhances the beauty of your garden. The flowers are also very pretty and have attracted colors. The best part of the flower is that it has draught resistant power and is a perfect choice for hard soil or shady areas.


Does not really matter if the plant is not getting enough of water or the weather is not suitable for flowering. One cannot stop Coreopsis from blossoming in the garden for the whole summer. The attractive flowers, beautiful sticks and variety of colors are the prime attractions of the flowers. Orange, Pink, Red, White, Bi-Colors are the most common and popular color seen for the Coreopsis.

Russian Sage

This is one of the most desirable flowers that you can have in your garden. It is absolutely fit for the later summer when the temperature is still surging. The flower can withstand dry and hot conditions and blossom in the hot summer. Your garden also got beautiful silver foliage all along and craft new beauty.

These flowers are not so famous in the world but they are extremely popular and easy to grow in your garden. For more services on how ot plant them you can contact me.