How to start Gardening by your own


Gardening is the most interesting job that I have ever seen in my life. It is not only practice of greener house, but also it gives a lot of joy for creating life and taking care of them. It also contributes a large to the greener and cleaner environment. If you look at gardening at once, it may look very strange and confusing for you. But it is pretty simple to start with. If you have the passion and zeal for the most precious creation, then you can start off at any point of time.

Simplicity is the Key

If you start thinking about the garden designing that you would create at the first point then you are just complicating the process. Gardening is not the decorating, it is creation. You need to understand that you must plant and grow flowers and plants at first to decorate it later. Just go with the flow and grow what you love. If you are fond of flowers then start growing it. The location of the garden is however very important. The open it is in front of your eyes, the better it is. If you can see your garden every time, it will keep you engaged and motivated.

Don’t jump to everything

As I said earlier, gardening is the process of growing plant and creating a life around. You should not everything at a time. Do not try to attempt something very big at first in terms of gardening, instead start with a small attempt and make sure you are giving deserving amount of effort to it.

Be knowledgeable


To keep the things simple, I often say that all you need to garden is Wind, Sun, Soil, and Water. However, there are plenty other things that are associated with it. You need to protect your flowers or trees from the disease as well. These are crucial but come only with research, experience and knowledge. So, it is very important that you must carry your research for gardening along with the original practice.

Make it Natural

Gardening is the smaller implementation of nature, so make it sure that it follows nature. For successful gardening, you must have good sunshine. It is said that six hours of Sun can make your garden look paradise. The water is another thing that should be taken care of. While watering the plants, try to give it in a downhill system so as to ensure maximum is water is reached to the root of the plant.

Don’t push it too far

Gardening is an art rather than science. However, that does not mean that you should not bother about logic. Unnecessary implementation of fertilization and over watering is two very crucial problems for gardening. So, don’t push it very far for the plants. If your flowers are looking fresh and healthy, that simply means they are. More water or fertilizer will only kill them and would not help you to beatify them.

It is beautiful by nature and helps you to attain peace of mind. Start gardening and make your life even more happier.