Cleaning Your Little Garden


Whether you have a small garden or a tiny terrace is not a problem to make them an outdoor haven! According to the latest housing survey, the area that is allocated to gardens has increased from 470 m² to 720m2 as for example in France.

If you are not owner of so much m2, well, you just have to follow our 6 tips and tricks to develop smart gardens where you enjoy spending time

1.      Choose your plants and accessories carefully: With little space, consider having more plants in pots and do not forget adding some lights there to enhance all the setup! We love theses chasing lights that go here and there in between branches and leaves. They look as charming as small candle jars placed all around your garden. These always look timeless and classy. Take seat in a small cocoon made up of cushions and pillows. These interior equipment can definitely help transforming your garden into an outdoor additional and cosy room.

2.      Using boundary walls: These separations between your neighbour and you can rapidly become a major issue if not dealt with properly. It you don’t like the dull-grey-look of the walls, you can always add some boards or bamboo just to add some design to your panorama. You can then use these same panels as a plus for your garden rather than considering it as an eyesore. This wall can also be decorated by magnificent pots. This also makes it easy to clean the garden after. When you also want to hire a cleaning company for your home , this arrangement will help the cleaning  go faster.


3.      Giving a theme or central part to your garden: If you want to have the impression of a small outdoor room, you might want to go for a nice outdoor carpet as an accessory capable to set the tone to the whole decoration. The carpet can also be used under a garden table just like the role that a traditional carpet would do in a living room. Furthermore, if you don’t have much space to dispose, a small carpet will be dressing up the garden at once. A small carpet is a nice accessory since it will not reduce the space you might want to enjoy in your garden. 4.      Considering walls as a bigger lawn: Think about a garden and its three boundary walls. Even if you maximise all your efforts building a cosy place with colourful and modern furniture, the outcome or final result will remain dull if all your walls are unfinished. You can achieve nice results if you think about having some lattice patterns to bring some vegetation there too. Growing plants on the wall brings more greenery and yet don’t take much space. Plants, small flowers and even herbs can be mixed all together to help converting a dull wall into a living, green, living, vegetal wall.

5.      Vertical gardens: You can also consider having vertical gardens to compensate the lack of space for a nice garden. They will save space but will remain highly design thus enhancing the look of your garden. The more greenery you can bring, the more peaceful and relaxing environment you will create!

6.      Be there! People generally think of a garden as a decorative part of the house. Consider spending some time there; invite some friends over there instead of staying on the couch of the living room. Gardens have scent, light breeze, perfect for relaxing As you have seen, charm can be given to any garden disregarding its size. Lights, colours, optimization of space and careful choice of furniture should be enough to convert your garden into a smart little outdoor room.