Gardening Tips for Beginners


It is hard to find a person who doesn’t love gardening. The feeling of being close to the nature is always very pleasing for mind. Although many beginners love to idea of gardening but they don’t know how to start. The task of maintaining a garden is not easy at all, it takes a lot of efforts. So, if you have a free space in front of your house and you want to take gardening as a hobby, you can start with following the tips below.

There are no shortcuts to achieve great results, but you can at least start with these steps.

Non-Stick Shovel

Shovel is a must have tool for gardening, you will need it for many tasks. Shovels used for gardening are generally sticky and those catches mud. So, it is better if you use nonstick shovel. The is also very simple to make a nonstick shovel. You just have to use silicone lubricant on top of it. The lubricant will create a coat on the top of the shovel. A nonstick shovel will make gardening lot easier for you. Soil will slip from the nonstick shovel and you will find it quite easy to dig soil.

Transport Plants

You will have to collect your plants from the local nursery. Small plants are very fragile and can be damaged easily. If you have an open truck, you can put a ladder on it. The space between each step will create a proper space for the plants. In that way, movement of the plants will be minimum while the vehicle is on the move. Also, if the plants are not firmly planted on the truck, the soil from the tub will create a mess on the back. So, before you go to a nursery to purchase plant, collect a ladder for the perfect compartment.

Aggressive Plants

You have to be careful about some species of plants which are quite aggressive in a small garden. For example, gooseneck plant root, will take your entire garden before you even realize it. You have to use plastic containers for this kind of plants. The plastic container will restrict the roots from growing all over the garden. You may have to cut some of the bottom to maintain the growth. Proper gardening requires proper maintaining; you will have to understand about different natures of plants.

Protect the Bulbs

If there is a bulb on the flower, it will attract lot of creatures. This unwanted attention may damage the flower bulbs. One way of getting rid of those is to use nets. Put some thin nets over the flowers and protect the bulbs. During springtime, you may get cut big holes on the … read more