Tips for Lawn Mowing


The task of mowing your lawn may sound a simple one but there are many things you have to consider to get the perfect result. Each time you start to cut the grass of your lawn, the start may seem like a success but the end result in failure. There are many reasons behind it. First of all, you have to know about lawn mowing to get the perfectly cut grass. Every activity requires a basic understanding of the actual task. Your beautiful lawn may turn into a disaster if you don’t do the mowing correctly. If you do it rightly, your lawn will be full of healthy and thick grass. Here are some lawn mow tips:


Scalping means cutting your grass too short and you should avoid it. Scalped lawn is not a healthy one as it is susceptible to diseases. Turfs which are cut to short are weak and don’t survive for a longer time. Exposed soil are good for your lawn, so you should not cut the grass too short which expose the soil. Weeds grow faster when the soil is exposed and it can ruin your lawn. Grass which are always kept short tend to be weak and damaged.

Sharp Mow Blade

The mow blade has to be sharp to get the desired result from mowing. If the blade is not sharp enough, the grass will be cut uneven which can destroy the look of your lawn. Sharp blades cut the grass accurately and brings the best result out of mowing. The grass will tear off if the blade is dull. You will also notice a brown edge on the grass if they are regularly cut with dull blade. So avoid dull blades to cut the grass and always use a sharp blade for lawn mowing.

Mower Height

The height of the mower has to be right to get the perfect result. You should adjust the mower height throughout the growth of the grass. Different types of grass will require different height of mower. You should set the deck higher to cut the grass during the summer. Taller grass will cover the soil and also the grass on the lawn. Taller grass are good for your lawn as they provide shade to the soil and don’t allow the weeds to grow. During the winter mowing, you should lower the deck height to avoid snow molding.

Mow Dry Grass

Another important tips for lawn mowing, you should always cut the grass while those are dry. A wet lawn is perfect for cutting and you will get the best result out of it. The grass will stick together when the grass is wet which makes it easier … read more