Busy Gardening Moms – House Cleaning Tips

While you are busy gardening, you might be haunted by the fact that you have ignored your home cleaning duties!

House cleaning can be difficult especially when you have kids and you want to be serious about home gardening. Everyone wants their house to be clean and tidy. Keeping everything together while raising children can be daunting. But it doesn’t mean moms don’t keep their house clean. You have to keep the house clean for a healthy and happy environment. Sometimes instead of working a lot you have to find way to work smart.

House cleaning may seem like an impossible task for moms, but it can be done if you follow some tips. So here are some quick house cleaning tips for moms

Make it a Routine

House cleaning should be a regular thing to do, not something you do once a week. When things are done regularly, the task in hand become smaller and simpler. Make house cleaning services a routine like any other chores. When you clean often, there will never be too much to clean. For busy mothers, it is very difficult find time for cleaning. Spending a lot of time after cleaning is something they cannot afford. Regular scheduled cleaning is the perfect solution for those moms. You can make a list of cleaning task on the calendar so you don’t miss anything.

Distribute Cleaning Equipment

Another important part of smart house cleaning. You should keep your cleaning tools in different rooms to get the work done faster. If you put everything in a single room, it will be difficult to move with all those items. Keep what necessary for cleaning in different rooms. In that way you can cleaning quickly and efficiently.  Clutter is another important part of house cleaning, it can take a lot of time of your cleaning. You should clutter while cleaning instead of doing it only. You will save a lot of time doing so.

Organize toys

A house with children is likely to be full of toys. Small toys laying around in different rooms makes it very difficult to clean the house properly. It is also take a lot of time to pick up those toys. It is better to organize the toys of the house to get the best result out of house cleaning. You can also teach your child to put the toys in proper place after they finished playing with those. Cleaning toys is also important for the health of your child. You can use a laundry bag for the toy cleaning.

Use Vacuum

Vacuum cleaner is the faster way of cleaning your house. Instead of cleaning the floor on your own, you can use a … read more

Gardening Tips for Beginners


It is hard to find a person who doesn’t love gardening. The feeling of being close to the nature is always very pleasing for mind. Although many beginners love to idea of gardening but they don’t know how to start. The task of maintaining a garden is not easy at all, it takes a lot of efforts. So, if you have a free space in front of your house and you want to take gardening as a hobby, you can start with following the tips below.

There are no shortcuts to achieve great results, but you can at least start with these steps.

Non-Stick Shovel

Shovel is a must have tool for gardening, you will need it for many tasks. Shovels used for gardening are generally sticky and those catches mud. So, it is better if you use nonstick shovel. The is also very simple to make a nonstick shovel. You just have to use silicone lubricant on top of it. The lubricant will create a coat on the top of the shovel. A nonstick shovel will make gardening lot easier for you. Soil will slip from the nonstick shovel and you will find it quite easy to dig soil.

Transport Plants

You will have to collect your plants from the local nursery. Small plants are very fragile and can be damaged easily. If you have an open truck, you can put a ladder on it. The space between each step will create a proper space for the plants. In that way, movement of the plants will be minimum while the vehicle is on the move. Also, if the plants are not firmly planted on the truck, the soil from the tub will create a mess on the back. So, before you go to a nursery to purchase plant, collect a ladder for the perfect compartment.

Aggressive Plants

You have to be careful about some species of plants which are quite aggressive in a small garden. For example, gooseneck plant root, will take your entire garden before you even realize it. You have to use plastic containers for this kind of plants. The plastic container will restrict the roots from growing all over the garden. You may have to cut some of the bottom to maintain the growth. Proper gardening requires proper maintaining; you will have to understand about different natures of plants.

Protect the Bulbs

If there is a bulb on the flower, it will attract lot of creatures. This unwanted attention may damage the flower bulbs. One way of getting rid of those is to use nets. Put some thin nets over the flowers and protect the bulbs. During springtime, you may get cut big holes on the … read more

Tips for Lawn Mowing


The task of mowing your lawn may sound a simple one but there are many things you have to consider to get the perfect result. Each time you start to cut the grass of your lawn, the start may seem like a success but the end result in failure. There are many reasons behind it. First of all, you have to know about lawn mowing to get the perfectly cut grass. Every activity requires a basic understanding of the actual task. Your beautiful lawn may turn into a disaster if you don’t do the mowing correctly. If you do it rightly, your lawn will be full of healthy and thick grass. Here are some lawn mow tips:


Scalping means cutting your grass too short and you should avoid it. Scalped lawn is not a healthy one as it is susceptible to diseases. Turfs which are cut to short are weak and don’t survive for a longer time. Exposed soil are good for your lawn, so you should not cut the grass too short which expose the soil. Weeds grow faster when the soil is exposed and it can ruin your lawn. Grass which are always kept short tend to be weak and damaged.

Sharp Mow Blade

The mow blade has to be sharp to get the desired result from mowing. If the blade is not sharp enough, the grass will be cut uneven which can destroy the look of your lawn. Sharp blades cut the grass accurately and brings the best result out of mowing. The grass will tear off if the blade is dull. You will also notice a brown edge on the grass if they are regularly cut with dull blade. So avoid dull blades to cut the grass and always use a sharp blade for lawn mowing.

Mower Height

The height of the mower has to be right to get the perfect result. You should adjust the mower height throughout the growth of the grass. Different types of grass will require different height of mower. You should set the deck higher to cut the grass during the summer. Taller grass will cover the soil and also the grass on the lawn. Taller grass are good for your lawn as they provide shade to the soil and don’t allow the weeds to grow. During the winter mowing, you should lower the deck height to avoid snow molding.

Mow Dry Grass

Another important tips for lawn mowing, you should always cut the grass while those are dry. A wet lawn is perfect for cutting and you will get the best result out of it. The grass will stick together when the grass is wet which makes it easier … read more

Figure Out How To Find A Good Landscaping Contractor By Reading This

Customer relations and a good work history are two main factors to think about when hiring a landscaping service contractor. These will certainly help you to feel secure about leaving them in your home while you are away. It is vital to look for a contractor who is honest and won’t make an effort to break the written agreement you made. Here really are a few ways to evaluate whether or not a contractor is suitable for your project.

You’re going to have to check in on your project regularly to make certain that you stay connected to your landscaping service contractor and to make certain that the area is being kept in order. Before you hire anyone, make sure to contact their past clients. Call for references. Ask their opinion about the quality of the work performed. Find out whether they would use the services again. If you’re happy with what you hear, you can close the deal. If the local contractor has some black marks on his work record, find out if you can find supporting evidence or contradictions in certain online reviews.

120821-N-SH953-288 CHELSEA, Mass. (Aug. 21, 2012) Chief (select) Electronics Technician James Kyne helps with landscaping during a community service project at the Soldier's Home during USS Constitution's Chief Petty Officer Heritage Week. During the week the selectees will live and train aboard USS Constitution, the world's oldest commissioned warship afloat. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kathryn E. Macdonald/Released)

You will stand a much better chance at having a productive relationship with a landscaping service contractor when you have effective communications. Problems that arise as the legal agreement progresses must be addressed patiently, immediately, and honestly through conversation with the local contractor. Relationships are streamlined effectively when communications are clear. Write down notes from each conversation with your contractor so that nothing is forgotten.

It could be pretty difficult to find the right landscaping service contractor. You should find out if you can get a recommendation from others that you know. Visit some networking meetings to find out if any contractors may be of interest to you. You will have better odds at working with a great contract if you interview a lot of them.

Landscaping contractors with great reputations are always in high demand. It can often be a great choice to hire a local landscaping service contractor who is highly regarded and in demand. The primary drawback of working with a contractor who is in high demand is they might not have the option to dedicate themselves 100% to your project. If your gut informs you a certain contractor is certainly the one for you, you should follow your instincts.

It’s advised to be very clear when negotiating with a prospective landscaping service contractor. Have the landscaping service provider repeat his perception of your vision back to you so you know he understands. Schedule a fixed timeline for the project so the contractor will never fall behind. You should have a written contract in place which includes a start and end … read more

Home Garden Design Trends


A home garden is something you want to design beautifully so it looks elegant. There are many ways to design your precious little garden. You can use different tools to make your garden look even more beautiful. Sometime arranging your garden with a new design will reduce your effort. So designing your home garden is about knowing the perfect combination. You don’t need to be overwhelmed if you already got a lot of ideas. Here are some top design trends for home garden which you can follow:

Black Fence

A black fence around your garden will look elegant and stylish. It is about the color combination. The color green goes well with a black contrast. The black fence will work as a perfect background to highlight your garden. This contrast will create a dramatic environment and you can get this design with a low cost. Painting your fence with black color won’t cost much. The painting job is really simple; you can do it yourself or you can hire a professional. Make sure the paint job is done perfectly.

Painted Number

This is a new trend which has become quite popular now a day. Adding your hose number to a wooden plate or a sign won’t ensure that it will last for a long time. Instead you can use paint to design your house number and it will last for a long time. It is more environmentally friendly and the cost is also very low. A painted house number behind your garden wall will look elegant and stylish.



These plants are always perfect for your home gardening. Microgreens are the new trends in gardening. You can use these plants within a small section of your garden or you can use a large space. It will look elegant and beautiful either way. These small plants grow very quickly and will flourish your entire garden within a month. You can also eat these plants as they are very nutritious.

Plant Beds

This is quite a clever idea for gardening. This trend involves raised beds instead of the land. You can use wooden beds and fill those with soil and then plant the seed there. You can plant the beds with different colors. Generally, a black colored bed looks quite elegant. The raised bed will reduce your effort behind the maintenance. You can use this idea to give your garden a new look.


Some well-designed and well placed bamboo always look good in your garden. The use of bamboo brings a fresh look to your garden. This is also an inexpensive way of decorating your garden. There are many ways of using bamboos in a garden. You can build fences … read more

Six ideas for a low maintenance garden


If you want to spend more time enjoying your garden than working in it, then you surely need a low maintenance garden. Here are some tips on how to plant a garden that will save you time and also look great.

  1. Plant perennials

Plants like day lilies, peonies and daisies come back year after year. In fact the term “perennial” is used to describe plants that live more than two years. That means you don’t have to get down on your knees every spring and re-plant the garden. There are actually some species that keep their foliage all year long. You only have to buy them once to enjoy them for many years to come.

  1. Chose water wise plants

Landscaping that is designed to save water is called zeroscaping. By grouping together plants with similar watering needs and focusing on plants that don’t require as much moisture, you use less water. Water wise plants include cone flowers, day lilies ornamental grasses and butterfly weeds. You can also look for the water wise symbol on your plant tags when you buy them. This means that the plants require less moisture to grow and maintain, and as a result they are perfect for areas that are drought prone or water restricted.

  1. Go native

No matter where you live, there are plants adapted to your weather and your soil. These plants are called natives. For instance, if you live in an area that used to be prairie, then prairie natives like cone flowers or butterfly weeds will definitely work well in your garden.


  1. Use mulch

Mulch retains soil moisture, and not only does it stop weeds, and prevent erosion, but as it breaks down it also releases nutrients into the soil. As an added bonus, mulch also gives your garden a neat and tidy aspect.

  1. Group plants together

There are a lot of plants with similar needs. For example hosta and begonia both thrive in shady places. So rather than combining them with plants that may like it dryer or sunnier, that way you can water only where the plants need it.

  1. Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation system is an easy way to water your plants without having to lug around watering cans or hoses. Drip irrigation systems link up to your watering hose and they lay on the ground and deliver water to the plants that need it when they need it, so you don’t have water from above and land on the foliage which can either evaporate away or even worse, cause foliage diseases. Drip irrigation systems are easy to install and you can even hook them up to a timer to make the job even simpler.


So if you … read more

Cleaning Your Little Garden


Whether you have a small garden or a tiny terrace is not a problem to make them an outdoor haven! According to the latest housing survey, the area that is allocated to gardens has increased from 470 m² to 720m2 as for example in France.

If you are not owner of so much m2, well, you just have to follow our 6 tips and tricks to develop smart gardens where you enjoy spending time

1.      Choose your plants and accessories carefully: With little space, consider having more plants in pots and do not forget adding some lights there to enhance all the setup! We love theses chasing lights that go here and there in between branches and leaves. They look as charming as small candle jars placed all around your garden. These always look timeless and classy. Take seat in a small cocoon made up of cushions and pillows. These interior equipment can definitely help transforming your garden into an outdoor additional and cosy room.

2.      Using boundary walls: These separations between your neighbour and you can rapidly become a major issue if not dealt with properly. It you don’t like the dull-grey-look of the walls, you can always add some boards or bamboo just to add some design to your panorama. You can then use these same panels as a plus for your garden rather than considering it as an eyesore. This wall can also be decorated by magnificent pots. This also makes it easy to clean the garden after. When you also want to hire a cleaning company for your home , this arrangement will help the cleaning  go faster.


3.      Giving a theme or central part to your garden: If you want to have the impression of a small outdoor room, you might want to go for a nice outdoor carpet as an accessory capable to set the tone to the whole decoration. The carpet can also be used under a garden table just like the role that a traditional carpet would do in a living room. Furthermore, if you don’t have much space to dispose, a small carpet will be dressing up the garden at once. A small carpet is a nice accessory since it will not reduce the space you might want to enjoy in your garden. 4.      Considering walls as a bigger lawn: Think about a garden and its three boundary walls. Even if you maximise all your efforts building a cosy place with colourful and modern furniture, the outcome or final result will remain dull if all your walls are unfinished. You can achieve nice results if you think about having some lattice patterns to bring some vegetation there too. Growing plants … read more

How to start Gardening by your own


Gardening is the most interesting job that I have ever seen in my life. It is not only practice of greener house, but also it gives a lot of joy for creating life and taking care of them. It also contributes a large to the greener and cleaner environment. If you look at gardening at once, it may look very strange and confusing for you. But it is pretty simple to start with. If you have the passion and zeal for the most precious creation, then you can start off at any point of time.

Simplicity is the Key

If you start thinking about the garden designing that you would create at the first point then you are just complicating the process. Gardening is not the decorating, it is creation. You need to understand that you must plant and grow flowers and plants at first to decorate it later. Just go with the flow and grow what you love. If you are fond of flowers then start growing it. The location of the garden is however very important. The open it is in front of your eyes, the better it is. If you can see your garden every time, it will keep you engaged and motivated.

Don’t jump to everything

As I said earlier, gardening is the process of growing plant and creating a life around. You should not everything at a time. Do not try to attempt something very big at first in terms of gardening, instead start with a small attempt and make sure you are giving deserving amount of effort to it.

Be knowledgeable


To keep the things simple, I often say that all you need to garden is Wind, Sun, Soil, and Water. However, there are plenty other things that are associated with it. You need to protect your flowers or trees from the disease as well. These are crucial but come only with research, experience and knowledge. So, it is very important that you must carry your research for gardening along with the original practice.

Make it Natural

Gardening is the smaller implementation of nature, so make it sure that it follows nature. For successful gardening, you must have good sunshine. It is said that six hours of Sun can make your garden look paradise. The water is another thing that should be taken care of. While watering the plants, try to give it in a downhill system so as to ensure maximum is water is reached to the root of the plant.

Don’t push it too far

Gardening is an art rather than science. However, that does not mean that you should not bother about logic. Unnecessary implementation of fertilization and over watering is … read more

Budget Friendly Gardening Tips


Gardening is a great way to save money from your everyday groceries. I myself think there are plenty of benefits you can get from gardening. The vegetables you grow on a garden is fresh and there is a peace of mind when eating those. Lot of people think the cost of gardening is too much and they don’t want to go for that budget. But it a mere misconception, you can have a beautiful garden within a tight budget. You can enjoy healthy and fresh vegetable from your garden within few months. So here are few tips from me to have a garden with in your tight budget.

Sunshine is probable the first thing you need for the gardening purpose. Your plants the sunshine for their growth. So you have a find a place where there is sunshine available during most of the daytime. The place of your garden can save a lot of money for you. If the plants get enough sun they will grow a lot quicker and faster. So be sure to consider the location for gardening. The growing season need a lot of sunlight and using a greenhouse can be a bit costly. One of the companies we contract with is a roof reparation company toituremontrealroofing.ca, they do an excellent job repairing roofs & toitures in Montreal and we manage all their client’s gardening as well.

Seeds are another important thing which are essential for gardening. If you want to do gardening, you will need seeds. I purchase seeds from local market and usually these are very expensive. You should have a budget for purchasing seed whenever you need. If you are planning to do gardening in a small scale than there is no need to purchase a whole package of seeds. Focus on choosing the right seeds to get an effective result. The success of your gardening depends greatly on the selection of the seeds. You have to buy seeds according to your need.


The selection of soil is another important thing in gardening. Many people have good soil in their backyard but most people are not blessed with that. If you don’t have good soil for gardening you have to collect that. Soil testing can be a good idea before moving towards gardening. If your soil is already good enough than there is no need to buy additional soil for gardening purpose. There is no need to build buds in your garden, it will raise your gardening cost. So use good soil to get the best result from your gardening.

Water is another very important element of gardening. You need to select a location of gardening where there is a water source available … read more

Flowers that can blossom in your garden even in odds

I understand that gardening is not a simple job that can be achieved very simply. It may look that only passion, interest and hard work can drive the entire gardening process. Well, it is not true in every sense. There are many things that keep knocking the door while gardening and we must take care of it. The amount of Sunshine, Water, Insects, weather and many of the things impact the gardening process.

But does it mean, there is nothing that you could plant that can thrive at all conditions?

Mother Nature is kind to all and that is there are many flowers that can actually thrive and grow at any circumstances. Here are few such flowers that can grow in your irrespective of other factors.


Day Lily

The beautiful flower which does not only attract the eyes but also make your garden look beautiful is one such flower that can grow in your garden without asking for too much attention. The flower can actually thrive against insects, draughts and severe weather and others and grow. Just a little care of Day Lily can make your garden blossom. They are available for early, late and in the middle of season.



It is very beautiful flower which is also called as the Butterfly Bush. The beautiful color, nectar rich characteristics and fragrances are the key attractions. If you want a flower that stays all along the summer and does not make you work much harder as well, then it is the best choice for you. These are found in different sizes and colors. The most popular colors of Buddleia are Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink and Lavender. They look awesome in the flower borders.



These are the perfect ground covers that you can find for your garden. The heights of the plants are not more than 10-12 inches. But the colorful foliage of the leaves of the plant just enhances the beauty of your garden. The flowers are also very pretty and have attracted colors. The best part of the flower is that it has draught resistant power and is a perfect choice for hard soil or shady areas.


Does not really matter if the plant is not getting enough of water or the weather is not suitable for flowering. One cannot stop Coreopsis from blossoming in the garden for the whole summer. The attractive flowers, beautiful sticks and variety of colors are the prime attractions of the flowers. Orange, Pink, Red, White, Bi-Colors are the most common and popular color seen for the Coreopsis.

Russian Sage

This is one of the most desirable flowers that you can have in your garden. It is absolutely fit for the later … read more